Invacare Solace Prevention Bariatric Mattress 42" Wide, SPS2080B42

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The Invacare Solace Prevention Bariatric Mattress 80 x 42 x 6.5. SPS2080B42, features soft head and heel sections for comfort and protection and fortress cut convoluted foam for extra support. The tri-laminate, vinyl bottom helps prevent slippage and the nylon top cover can be easily wiped clean

  • FEATURING: Fluid resistant nylon top cover and tri-laminate vinyl bottom for ease in cleaning and durability. Also, the three zones help relieve pressure in the head, body, and heel sections. Contains built in side rails for added support
  • CONSTRUCTION: The convoluted “fortress” cut design offers more surface area for resident support and relief. Dual-layered high quality foam designed for preventing pressure ulcers
  • BENEFITS: High density foam mattress aids in providing uniform weight distribution for pressure ulcer prevention
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The SPS2080B42 measures 80" L x 42" W x 6" H with a weight capacity of 400 lbs