ResMed Mirage Swift™ II Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask with Headgear

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The Mirage Swift II is 86% quiter than the original Mirage Swift. In addition the Swft II's new vent design angles air downward in a direction more aligned with the natural flow of breath and less likely to interfere with the user or bed partners. Whether you sleep on your back or on your side the Swift II's four interchangeable tubing positions mean that you can angle the tube whichever way is best for you.


While the new Mirage Swift II introduces some great enhancements it also incorporates a lot of what has made the original Mirage Swift so popular. The Swift II is ultra-light at just 2.5oz and it's easy to fit so once you've got it adjusted the way you like it there's no need to worry about constant re-adjustment. Each mask pack comes with 3 nasal pillow sleeves -- Small, Medium and Large -- so you don't need to worry about knowing what size to order ahead of time.


Quick release headgear allows for easy mask removal and eliminates the need for frequent adjustments. The headgear has a soft and secure design which enhances seal and stability, without the need for over-tightening, making you more comfortable.