Transcend® Portable Solar Power Battery Charger

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  • Ultra Thin and compact optimal storage
  • Lightweight at under a pound
  • Powered freely under the sun
  • Charges even in low light conditions
  • Traveling or camping with CPAP made easy

First, Somnetics introduced the smallest, most convenient lightweight CPAP on the market today and now the Transcend® Portable Solar Power Battery Charger! Travel and leave all your worries at home with the new Transcend® Portable Solar Power Battery Charger designed to use with The Transcend P8™ and the P4™ batteries.

The super thin design was constructed with you the CPAP user and traveler in mind. The Transcend® Portable Solar Power Battery Charger is the answer for camping or possible power outages. You will enjoy having a dependable source of energy through your Portable Solar Power Battery Charger when there is a power outage or you simply decide to take the much needed break to go camping. The sun will always be your power source, even in low light environments the Transcend® Portable Solar Charger will perform if used properly.

If you own the Transcend® P8™ or the P4™, both are rechargeable using the solar power battery charger. Charging your battery is a simple task using the Transcend™ Portable Solar Power Battery Charger. Unroll the panel, plug the panel into the battery, and place in full direct sunlight (for faster charging; charging times will vary based on sun conditions). The P4™ Overnight Battery will have a full charge from depleted cells within 6 hours. The P8™ Mu